Inspired by the Village of Glen Williams

Nestled along The Credit River, in the charming hamlet of Glen Williams, Ontario is an old stone mill—a designated heritage site built in 1898—where now, tucked within its picturesque courtyard, you will find The Glen Girl Shop.

Visit The Glen Girl Shop

In the village that once enchanted the author of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maude Montgomery, and Group of Seven painter, A.J. Casson, one can still find an escape to simpler pleasures, slow living, and quiet country life. The Glen Girl is a clothing store, gift shop, and dried flower market rooted in these values, inspired by the beauty of Glen Williams, Ontario.

Exclusively a brick-and-mortar establishment, come visit The Glen Girl Shop, located in Glen Williams, and find an assortment of quality goods, ranging from clothes to candles, to preserved flowers, that celebrate a romantic yet rustic aesthetic. Just steps through the courtyard of the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios, visitors can follow the trail of sunflower signs [or snowflake signs in winter] that lead them to the store.

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Meet the Girl in the Glen

Sara Heathfield is the owner and creator of The Glen Girl clothing store, gift shop, and dried flower market. All the fabrics that adorn The Glen Girl clothes begin as original paintings on canvas, hand painted by Sara. They are then turned into repeat patterns sold in limited edition prints, on clothing exclusively available at The Glen Girl Shop. Within every garment, you will find Sara’s signature SH tag, which confirms the authenticity of every piece. 

Before starting The Glen Girl, Sara was a painter with a studio at the Williams Mill, located in the heart of Glen Williams. When it became a regular occurrence for tourists visiting the Mill to call Sara “the girl in the Glen,” she was inspired to take on the name and open a store to sell her work. Still located at the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios, The Glen Girl is a store that whimsically reflects the charm and history of Glen Williams.

Discover Glen Williams

Glen Williams, fondly called “The Glen” by the eclectic artisans that dwell there, is located just north of Georgetown, in Halton Hills. This historic and charming hamlet is home to a vibrant community, honeycombed with heritage sites, art studios, galleries, antique shops, nature trails, dining, and so much more.

While visiting The Glen Girl at Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios, discover and meet the glassblowers, painters, sculptors, potters, and jewelers whose studios are all open to the public. Peruse the various antique shops in town, such as The Beaumont Mill and Feathered Nest, or embark on the many nature trails that meander through the area. Then enrich the day with a local dining experience at one of The Glen’s many restaurants and cafés such as The Copper Kettle, Main Street Market, and The Glen Tavern. Or better yet, make a reservation for High Tea, at Kit’s Little Kitchen.

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